Design Services

Instructional Design

  • Design and develop learning experiences to make learning more efficient, effective, and engaging
  • Structure content and activities for learning
  • Create media (print or digital) to support learning
  • Revise and rewrite content to support learning needs
  • Adapt instructional materials for delivery in various formats

Examples of Instructional Design Projects:

  • Create online courses
  • Edit educational or informational videos
  • Design images to illustrate ideas and processes (informational graphics, flowcharts, etc.)
  • Design training manuals
  • Design research posters for national conferences
  • Use of platforms such as Blackboard Learn and ExamSoft
  • Use of technology such as HTML, CSS, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite

Instructional Design Background

Stefanie has a Master’s degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University and for the past 19 years has been creating online distance learning courses, online modules, and informational/educational graphics to engage learners and to communicate ideas and information.

Instructional Design New Hampshire

Recent Clients:

Graphic Design

  • Create visual representations of ideas and messages
  • Specializing in design of:
    • Charts, graphs, diagrams, flowcharts
    • Annual reports and newsletters
    • Event programs
    • Posters
    • Business cards and letterhead
    • Invitations
    • Menus
    • Logos
    • CD design
    • Signs
    • Brochures, flyers, postcards, and advertisements
Graphic Design New Hampshire

Recent Graphics Projects

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