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Stock Photography

I have to use stock photos in a lot of the design work I do and thought it would be fun to try to snap some of my own. Here is a start to my portfolio on http://graphicriver.net/.

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Paper Diorama of a Bookstore

Over the past couple years I’ve been working on a diorama of a bookstore, inspired by the main character’s father’s bookshop in the novel The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n. I’ve never done a paper craft project like this before, but thought it would be a fun challenge. I’ve always been fascinated by miniature rooms, inspired by all the paper art projects I’ve found on Pinterest, and have a love affair with libraries and bookstores. It has proved to be a fun project, at times addicting, and also tedious–what with all the little books that need to fill up the shelves. Below are some photos of the diorama so far. The next steps are to create more books, add titles and authors to the spines, and make the floor. I’m also working on some tiny signs for the sections of the store. The back room is going to be for rare books.

paper-diorama-library-bookcase paper-diorama-library-bookcase paper-diorama-library-bookcase

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Robot Pillows





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Painted Bowls

I’ve been a bit obsessed with dot painting over the years. I like to try to find old, worn wooden turned bowls to paint. You can get them at antique stores or online for fairly cheap. I sand them down until they are very smooth, apply a matte varnish to the inside of the bowl, and then add paint. I keep the lip and exterior of the bowl unpainted because I like the contrast of the paint and the wood. I varnish the finished painting a few times to protect it and then use a natural wood wax on the exposed wood. I typically paint these and give them to friends and family. The repetition of dot painting is meditative and relaxing, but there is some planning involved to determine the design layout and color combinations, and that adds a challenge.

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Free Christmas Advent Printable Postcards

Every year at about this time, I create Christmas countdown postcards for my kids. I print them onto a white cardstock and put them in their lunch boxes beginning on December 1.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.38.16 AM

Typically I use vintage Christmas art, but this year I created one with an image of a Minecraft Christmas tree for my eleven-year-old son.

Free Minecraft Christmas Tree Advent Countdown Postcard

I’ve included some of them here as PDF printables. Just print onto 8.5 x 11 inch cardstock and cut out! Scroll down to access the printables.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Advent Printable Page 1

Click here to print – page 1

Advent Postcard Countdown Printable Minecraft Tree

Note: These are intended for personal use and not for resale.

Advent Printable Page 2

Click here to print – page 2

Christmas Advent Countdown Postcard Free Printable

Note: These are intended for personal use and not for resale.